Worth a Thousand Words

The power of images has never been so clear as when I finished reading, “Worth A Thousand Words”. This book is a must read for anWorth a Thousand Wordsyone in ministry or who has a ministry heart – both domestic and international. It is also a must read for anyone who wants to walk with God in our generation. It unpacks wisdom of decades of study of cultures and ministry to people.

Mission organizations and ministries seeking to reach those who do not read or choose not to read will glean much wisdom for outreach and discipling ministries from these pages. Let’s face it, our younger generations are now visual in their learning styles. We need to retool our approaches to reach them. This book is relevant globally to anyone in ministry.

I am reading this on my return flight from Africa. I spent 10 days ministering in Tanzania, Africa where I saw the power of images open the eyes of those who minister to villagers in rural jungles. This is revolutionary thinking. I applaud the book. It unpacks reality in our culture and gives us new tools to bring Jesus to our own hearts and our world.



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