Reflections from the Sea of Galilee

Dear Praying Friend,

SRinehartI have so many thoughts running around in my head.  I’ve seen so much in just 3 days.  Truly this is a life-changing event for me.

We’ve spent most of our 3 days in the north around the Sea of Galilee.  Just to think, Jesus once healed a man in the very synagogue I was in at Capernam.  He and his disciples were on the Sea of Galilee, where he stilled the storm.  He said Corizim would be destroyed for lack of faith (it was and is). So many reflections just here.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on John 21 where Jesus restored Peter by three times asking him, “Do you love me?”.  “Tend my lambs,  feed my sheep and tend my sheep” were his words of mission to Peter.  I am pondering what that means for me.

I’ve made a short 2.5 minute video (I admit it’s amateur) so you can see some of the Sea of Galilee.  Just copy and paste this link below to your browser and watch it.

Thank you for your prayers.  Today we head to the Dead Sea on our way to Jerusalem.

Amazed at His Grace,



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