Reflections on Jerusalem

TheLandOfIsraelThe last two days I have been walking about Jerusalem, mostly the old city called the City of David.  So much history here.  This is where Jesus dwelt among us, walked, taught, built leaders, died and rose again. So much happened here.  Jesus wept over Jerusalem.

We started two days ago by going to Bethlehem to see one of the places reported to be where Jesus was born.  Fully God and yet fully human in the frail form of a baby born in one of the most humble places in the surrounding area.  I marvel at the Father’s mercy and grace in sending Jesus to reveal who God is through Himself.

We then went to the Shepherd’s Field where the angel announced Jesus’ birth.  From ages past, Jesus’ coming was planned yet when it happened even the angels rejoiced.  I am humbled to be here

Tomorrow we focus on Jesus’ final hours and His resurrection before getting on the plane tomorrow night.  I will send a few more of these when i return to the US.

To be honest, there is so much going on in my mind and heart, it is hard to capture even a few thoughts in this.  I’ve spent almost 43 years reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on Scripture and what it means for me and us.  I can say, I see the Scriptures with far more clarity now.  If there is a way for you to go, I urge you to take the pilgrimage.

It has been an honor to be with Dr. Wayne House, our tour guide, who is working on a Visual Study Bible to come out later this year.  I even worked to help as a back up video camera operator when he did some teaching for us.  I hope to send a video of Wayne’s teaching as well after I return.

Amazed at His grace,



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