Thoughts from Jerusalem

You’ve heard the phrase, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” These words have much more meaning for me now. I spent the last week in Jerusalem, studying the various Biblical places and reflecting on various passages related to them.

First, we Christians have a time and place God came and dwelt among us. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. do not have this. Second Jesus, being fully God, took the form of a helpless baby and grew us just like we do into adulthood, yet without sin. It was deeply moving to me to see just how lowly His birth was in a stable and being placed in an animal feeding trough as His first bed.

Sitting in Gethsemane was a moving experience for me. This is where Jesus agonized over the events coming His way over the next few hours. I am so like the 12, often losing focus on what is really important (Matt 26:36-46).

Then the capstone was at the tomb. We don’t know which specific tomb, though there are a few suggested by tradition. But just seeing one and realizing that Jesus overcame and defeated death is amazing.


I really did walk where Jesus walked. Jesus is not dead but is alive and He is coming back in power and glory.

Come quickly Lord Jesus,



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