Managing One’s Prayer Life

Great guest post on prayer – Stacy


I imagine that most believers have more to pray for that they have time to pray.  That is not to excuse a deficient prayer time or a lackadaisical attitude toward prayer. The reality is that most believers could fill pages of requests which would take large amounts of time to express; more time than is realistic or even possible. However, before any strategy for managing prayer is set forth, it is important to determine to expand one’s prayer life by reducing other lesser important activities.

Here is a prayer strategy that may help.

  1. Follow the path of relationships. This means specifically naming those requests that have to do with people who are close to you relationally. This would include family, close friends, and others with whom you relate to regularly and in-depth.
  2. Beat the big drum. This means specifically praying for issues that have urgent, serious, and long lasting impact for the church and the Kingdom. An example would be to pray for a missionary project with an unreached people group. If they are not reached they will be eternally lost. Another example would be to pray for a social/moral issue that is being considered by governing officials like abortion.
  3. Special seasons of prayer. Occasionally, set aside a larger amount of time. These times can be issue focused or simply to allow time to name more requests specifically than you normally do.
  4. Pray often (Eph. 6:18, 1 Thes. 5:17). Even in the course of a busy day there are moments that can be leveraged for prayer. Those times can be a minute or less in duration but extremely important in terms of impact.
  5. Spiritual prayer alignment (Rom. 8:26-27). These verses encourage us that the Spirit of God knows how and when to pray when we do not know how or when to pray!
  6. General prayer (Mat. 6:9). Sometimes one can pray in such a way that covers a multitude of issues with few words. This can be done when time is very short due to circumstances out of our control. Jesus Himself gave us such an example in the Lord’s Prayer. A close look at the verbiage indicates that most requests and issues are covered by asking for the Father’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!

May some of these tips encourage us to develop a growing and richer prayer life.

David A. Toth


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