Suffer Well

A friend of mine sent this to me a few days ago and I thought it was so well said.  My friend lives in a land and does a ministry where suffering is a regular experience.  He shares with us his thoughts on suffering.

May this edify you as it does me.
suffering_manThere is so much wasted pain in our midst today. Pain is not understood. Suffering is not understood. Yes, Satan afflicts people and oppresses people, as he allowed to do Job in angelic contest. But the wog (Word of God) says, “it is appointed unto you not only to believe, but to suffer” Phil 1:29. Instead of finding fault with our situation, we may use it to glorify God. We can let Him to develop His character in our hearts. Use it to become more like Him. Instead of blaming people, love them, pray for them, care for them and just be Christ for them. That’s what God is after in our lives. The trial of your faith is precious because Faith pleases God and He rewards it. For Daniel and his friends the fire only revealed their faith and Fourth Man. They glorified God in the fire.  When we stay positive in our suffering and recognize God’s purpose in it, we are storing up for ourselves great rewards in eternity. The devil wants us to chafe under suffering and murmur in the midst of our situations. God, however, can keep us and cause us to reign and rule with Him. When we are put in the furnace we get to see that He really does deliver us.


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