Special Prayer Need

prayer-effectiveI am at the Newark airport awaiting my plane to Stockholm and then on to Finland where I will be joining leaders from 90 ministries focused on reaching the Muslim world.

I usually am quite excited about any trip I go on but this one leaves me anxious.  I sense spiritual warfare but also I know my own inadequacy to get anything of lasting value done.   We believe are to go to this meeting to meet and form partnerships to deliver Days with Jesus (http://bit.ly/135JMKC) in as many Muslim languages as we can.

Will you pray with me for the Spirit’s leading to the right partners for the languages He wants us to undertake?  Pray that the leaders of these ministries will see the power of it and want to use the Days with Jesus discipling process in their ministries.

Thank you for partnering with the Spirit in your prayers on our behalf.




  1. Covering you and all the ministry and praying His will and supernatural power will be displayed in an incredible way for many to witness and give Him glory…
    “But God” times.


  2. Stacey, by October 7 my first booklet in a series on the Yearnings of Muslims will be printed. By the 15th it will be in electronic form – title” YEARNING FOR PEACE (author: Murad Lazar). It is in story form and can be obtained through http://www.yoth.org. If you could get the mailing list of the conference, we could send them the information after publication. Nate


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