Roles, Qualifications and Costs of a Mentor?

Thanks for your prayers! It was a fruitful time of connecting with existing and potential partners while in Finland. Thank you for praying. The Spirit led us in many connections and conversations.  Praise the Lord!

See below for some additional thoughts on mentoring, a subject close to my heart – Stacy

My  experience is that this next generation has a deep heart for authenticity – for being real. They have a longing for relationship – for genuinely connecting with others.

What qualifies one to be a mentor? Most people feel that a mentor is one who is wise and knows how to respond to each circumstance the mentee faces. Yes, there are some mentors out there who are like this. But few can do this.

We at MentorLink want most anyone who has a heart to serve to say, “I can be a Mentor!” For that reason, your heart and desire to serve the next generation to lead like Jesus is your most important qualification.

In much of our material, we point out that leading like Jesus is very costly. This is not an overstatement. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” There are many rewards gained while doing this, but let’s not deny there is a cost as well. As a mentor you will be giving of yourself to your mentee or mentor group.

The Spirit may also be bringing others to mind that you could invite to also become mentors. Elders, deacons, small group leaders, house church leaders, may all be possible mentors that the Lord brings to mind.

Remember, never underestimate the potential impact that you can have in the life of another.

While we’re at it, let’s lift up Bill in our prayers. Bill has felt the burden to sound the trumpet at his church – to send out the wake-up call and stir up those would-be mentors. Bill is leading a multi-session workshop on mentoring called Sensei, and has been sharing content from the Passing it Along! booklet, as well as from his experiences as a mentor. More on that later.



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