Bound for Asia

Dear Praying Friend,

I am somewhere over Kansas on my way to San Francisco then on to Asia for the week. I am going for three purposes:


  1. To launch Days with Jesus at a conference attended by 200 people. 100 will be leaders from many ministries and church networks. This is an exciting event and many “Apostle Paul types” will be there. Pray for us to get the right partners.
  2. This conference has a theme of Leadership Development. This has been my focus for 40 years now so they’ve asked me to conduct a seminar. Pray for the Spirit to use me in this event. Also there will be leaders from many U.S. based foundations – pray for Spirit led conversations with these people and for new funding partners as a result.
  3. Pray for my colleague who will be with me, that new doors would open for him for ministry. Pray also for funding for his ministry.

As I leave, Paula is gradually doing better but still not feeling 100%.  Ask the Lord to heal her.

Amazed at His lovingkindness,

2 Thess. 3:16


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