Answers to Prayers: Hong Kong

Dear Praying Friend,

I returned from Hong Kong Saturday evening.  Thank you for praying.  It was a significant time, exceeding expectations.  Your prayers really do count and make a real difference.  See my responses below.DWJ_Mandarin_DVD_Cover

1. To launch Days with Jesus in Chinese at a conference attended by 200 people – 100 will be mainland leaders from many ministries and house church networks.  This is an exciting event and many “Apostle Paul types” will be there.  Pray for us to get the right partners.

There were 130 leaders from the mainland.  The leader from the largest house church network was there along with a number of leaders from mid-size and smaller house church networks.  What surprized me was that there is now so much more freedom to meet within the nation.  One meeting recently had 3000 pastor in attendance.  The police knew about it but didn’t try to stop it.  Another surprise was how universally the assumption of the need for mentors and mentoring.  Thus was have a strategic ministry for China.  Days with Jesus was given to the right people who attended.  The way things are done in China is different that the way we do things.  So this relational transfer will spread Days through the networks very effectively.

DWJMandarin2. This conference has a theme of Leadership Development.  This has been my focus for 40 years now so they’ve asked me to conduct a seminar. Pray for the Spirit to use me in this event.  Also there will be leaders from many US based foundations – pray for Spirit led conversations with these people and for new funding partners as a result.

My workshop was well attended and well received.  One India seminary prof, will incorporate much of the material in his teaching and work with Indian students.  I sensed that the Spirit did a lot of heart work with a number of the participants.  One foundation leader attended my workshop.  I will follow up with him soon.

3. My colleague, Andy, will be there with me ministering primarily to the Chinese.  Pray for many, many new doors to open for him for ministry in the mainland.  Pray also for funding for his ministry.

The time with Andy was special.  On the last day, after the conference was over, we spent 5 hours together sharing our hearts.  He has more ministry open doors that he can handle.  Continue to pray for funding for him ministry.

As I leave, Paula is gradually doing better but still there is no reason for the nausea that limits her capacity and capacity to eat.  Ask The Lord to heal her.

Paula has SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth).  She has gone through one round of treatment but is only incrementally better.  She sees the Dr. this week again for the next step.  Continue to pray.

Amazed at His lovingkindness,

2 Thess. 3:16


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