The Power of Prayer

Logo-prayJesus was a man of action and prayer. No one can miss His emphasis on
prayer. Before He even began His ministry He spent 40 days in the
wilderness praying.

Prayer was part of His daily life and fellowship with the Father. His
disciples were so curious that they asked, “Teach us to pray”. His prayers
were simple. He asserted that one should not make a show of praying. He
practiced it daily and at all times. He spent the whole night in prayer
reviewing His selection of the Twelve. The Twelve were prayed for
throughout their time with Jesus. We know of Jesus recorded prayer in John
17 where He refers to them 31 times in verses 6-19.

In John 17:6-19, Jesus prayed for their:

* Faithfulness to God’s Word (6)
* Reality of Who Jesus is (7-8)
* For them personally and collectively (9)
* Jesus to be glorified in them (10)
* Kept in the Father’s name (11a)
* Oneness of heart and mind (11b)
* Guarded them in the Father’s name (12)
* Have Jesus’ joy fulfilled in them (13)
* Given them the Father’s word and therefore hated by the world (14)
* Kept from the evil one (15)
* Developed them so that they are not of the world (16)
* Set them apart in the truth of the Word (17)
* Sent into the world even as I was sent (18)
* That they be set apart in the truth (19)

Prayer is vital to our collective growth, fruitfulness, protection and
developing leaders. We know this is significant in building people in their
faithfulness to Jesus and His ways. It is also important protection from
harm. Some in our network live and minister in difficult places in the
world where their lives are on the line every day. Their families are
threatened and just getting from one place to another is exhausting and



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