The Power of Selection


Think of the big heads each of the Twelve must have had when they were
personally chosen by name out of hundreds of disciples. No wonder they kept
arguing among themselves which of them was the greatest. Jesus had chosen
them! This was a mark of honor and privilege. They saw things no one else
did. They were insiders with the best known prophet, teacher and healer of
their day.

Before He chose them they were part of the crowds seeking to hear, see and
get closer to Jesus. He must have seen something in each one of them that
He knew to be real. He saw their potential and their willingness to
sacrifice if only a little. I marvel that Jesus picked Matthew. Tax
collectors of the day had a skill to quickly assess a person’s ability to
be taxed. They thought in financial terms. Matthew records many of Jesus’
references to money. Many tax collectors were also adept at a form of
shorthand. Matthew’s Gospel has lengthy transcripts of Jesus teachings all
because of his ability to record Jesus’ words. Jesus saw this talent and
knew it would be put to good use.

Jesus knows the heart of man. He knows that those who are chosen are more
motivated to excel at what they are chosen for. This is a drive that played
into the principles He used to build leaders.



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