Our Muslim Focus

Slide1This week, we finished two more Arabic language Days with Jesus tools. Look for them to be available on our website soon. We completed 40 DWJ – Arabic, Syrian dialect and 40 DWJ – Arabic Egyptian dialect (this dialect is understood throughout North Africa and the Middle East). Both of these are significant. The Kingdom conflict is greatest in the Muslim world and particularly among Arabic speakers.

Since 2012 when we began working on additional DWJ languages, we placed a priority on Muslim languages. Ask the Lord to greatly multiply this tool into other Muslim languages.

Going into 2015, we add the focus of producing DWJ in the 100 largest languages – for example, Russian, Cambodian, Thai, etc.

On a personal note, it is humbling to be just a small part of such a powerful, spiritual transformation tool. We see just a glimpse of the results of this tool in the remotest parts of the world and occasionally hear of a story of how it is used to change lives and plant churches. Thank you for praying for DWJ. Know that the Lord hears and acts. We will find out in eternity how the Lord used this tool.



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