The Major Prophets

books of the bible



I have been spending a number of months now in the Major Prophets (Isaiah,
Jeremiah and Ezekiel). I am only a few chapters from finishing. I have
several major conclusions:

1. God loves His people with an unbelievable, everlasting love.
2. God holds nations accountable to how they treat His people.
3. God’s promises will come to pass.
4. God does things in His way in His time.

Of course there are many, many more lessons we can glean from these rich
books. From them we see God’s heart, hear His perspective, and gain
understanding about some of His actions.

In our time of global angst, the regathering and expanding hatred of
Israel, the upheaval of wars, etc., we can easily lose our perspective and
spiritual bearings. The Major Prophets can be a source of hope and
perspective. I encourage the reading of these books, slowly and over time.

Resting in Him,


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