Decisions Leaders Must Make

Spiritual movements grow by the work of the Spirit. Our role is to create environments that are conducive to spontaneous growth. But we cannot manufacture a movement. However, we can focus on meeting real needs and use spiritual tools of prayer, the Scriptures, and the love of Christ to serve people in need, but it is the Spirit that gives growth. Then we watch where the Spirit of God is moving, and we follow that trail.

Though we cannot manufacture movements, we can kill them through fearful or threatened leaders who desire to control outcomes and fruit. Another movement killer is the attempt to monetize the movement through charging for services. Leaders, organizations, or churches with cultures of control can kill movements.Chapter 8

These are decisions each leader must make:

  1. Am I willing to submit to Jesus’ rule in my leadership?
  2. Am I willing to partner with other leaders and ministries for specific ministries?
  3. Am I willing to let go of control?
  4. Am I willing to not get the credit?
  5. Am I willing to encourage other expressions of similar ministry?

Lord, give me eyes to see how I have bought into organizationalism and the courage to realign myself with You and Your kingdom (1 John 5:21)

From my book Lead in Light of Eternity.
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