Phil’s Impact

phil a“Well done!” Person after person shared how Phil had impacted their life.They shared some funny stories and some deeply personal ones as well. Everyone Phil came into contact with, though, commented on how much he had impacted them.

I attended Phil’s memorial service recently and enjoyed an informal gathering of close friends and “out of town” guests afterwards. I had the privilege of sharing words of greetings from MentorLink partners and friends around the world.

Truly Phil had a worldwide impact for the Gospel. He has mentored many around the world. China, Ethiopia, India…his impact lives on through those he built into.

Comments included, “Phil had a father heart for young leaders. He stayed with them and always opened his heart to share his life, even his brokenness in family as well as in ministry. I never meet another man more transparent before me like him. It is my privilege to serve together with him in Asia for mentoring ministry. Peace be with him. See you when we meet together on the
other side.”

And, “I thank God and feel honored to know and have had days with such humble, caring and honest co-worker who entirely lived out for God and his people. Looking forward for re-unification with him in heaven.”

This is the way of Jesus. Taking what we have, spending time with others for the sake of building them up that they also will do the same. Phil was committed to doing this for His Lord. I am sure Jesus said, “Well done,good and faithful servant.”

May we follow Phil’s example.



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