Guest Post: Think as Christ Jesus Thought


Philippians 2:5

The month of December has always been a particular month for Christians – at least, for those who are from the Western part and tradition of the Church. It always reminds us of the incarnation, the coming of our great Lord and Savior in human flesh. Churches are preparing to celebrate that anniversary event with pomp and splendor.

For some this Christmas will be absolutely different from what they’ve ever experienced. For others it will be their first celebration of the birth of Jesus since they’ve just  surrendered their lives to Christ.

Christmas reminds us that God made our salvation practical. He loved us not with words alone but in dwelling among us. He loved us in truth and in action. He came to bring salvation, transform lives and heal the broken. He deserves our worship.

As we do celebrate Him, let us be mindful of Christ. Paul says “make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5, HCSB). The New Life Version puts it this way “think as Christ Jesus thought”. The context of this passage is that of joy, consolation, love, encouragement, fellowship and humility, to name but these.

Let’s ponder on the following questions:

  • Am I filled with the mind of Christ?
  • Is my joy true and not fake?
  • Is my love sincere and not hypocritical?
  • Is my fellowship with my brothers in Christ good and not broken?
  • Is my service to Christ selfless and humble?

God bless you!


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