Transformational Values Shifts


Over the next few weeks, let’s examine five crucial transformational values shifts that summarize some of the essential characteristics of truly effective Christian leadership.

The goal of these transformational values is to change leaders from the inside-out; to focus on the leader’s character and heart; to develop leaders whose leadership reflects the transforming power of God’s Spirit.

How is this accomplished? By identifying and confronting default fleshly tendencies. And by measuring growth not in an “all-or-nothing” manner, but by gauging the steady progression of movement in leaving behind leadership values and practices of the flesh and pursuing leadership values and practices of the Spirit.

What are these five transformational values we will be focusing on?

  1. Turning from building personal success and moving to building God’s Kingdom
  2. Turning from environments of control and moving to environments of grace
  3. Turning from power-based leadership and moving to servant leadership
  4. Turning from elitism and self-sufficiency and moving to collaboration and community
  5. Turning from accidentally adding other leaders and moving to intentional mentoring of leaders

I look forward to delving deeper into each of these five transformational values in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, ask the Lord to speak to your heart and be open to His prompting.



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