Turning from Building Personal Success and Moving to Building God’s Kingdom


Transformational Values Shift #1

Last week we examined the lives and ministries of Diotrephes and Timothy and learned that a leader who is being transformed by Jesus Christ is one whose focus is not on building his own empire – promoting himself, his ministry or his organization. But rather one whose aim is building the kingdom of God – seeking the glory of Christ and the promotion of God’s kingdom in a way that touches every area of life, ministry and culture.

Take a moment to assess your thinking, values and practices when it comes to the following:

  • Understanding God’s Kingdom: Do I have a clear understanding of the kingdom of God and its values? Am I willing to build His kingdom, no matter what it costs me?
  • Ownership: Does my ministry, business, church, family, etc. belong to God? Or do I view it as my ministry, my business, my church, my family?
  • The Glory: Do I want to be noticed? Is my ministry all about my looking good and building my own reputation or is my deepest desire that He be honored and glorified?
  • Success and Failure: Do I want all the credit? Or does God get all the credit for success and I take the blame for my mistakes and failures?
  • Priorities: Is my time and energy focused on building Christ’s kingdom or my own?
  • Partnering: Do I view my ministry as competing against others and their ministries? Or do I tend to work in partnership because God blesses when His body functions together cooperatively?
  • Prayer Priority: Am I too busy to make prayer a priority? Or do I consider prayer essential to my life and ministry?
  • Expectations: To meet the expectations of people I am called to serve, do I engage myself totally in ministry to those I serve? Or do I educate my people to align their expectations to God’s great kingdom expectations?

Take a moment to seriously ponder the above.

Now ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is God saying to me about changes I need to make regarding my lifestyle, ministry or leadership approach?
  2. What will the results of my ministry be at the end of my life if I do not make any changes?
  3. How satisfying are these results from a kingdom perspective?

Praying for you this week.



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