Turning from Accidentally Adding Leaders and Moving to Intentionally Multiplying Leaders


Transformational Values Shift #5

Last week we were reminded that a leader who is being transformed by Jesus Christ is one who chooses to make mentoring a priority in his or her life and ministry; he or she devotes time and effort toward raising up the next generation of leaders.

Take a moment to assess your thinking, values and practices when it comes to the following:

  • Vision for Multiplication: Is winning and growing significant numbers of people my dream? Do I want to be in control? Or is my vision to see many come to Christ by equipping reproducing leaders who are able to expand and lead movements?
  • Allure of Numbers: Do I believe that quantitative growth to one’s ministry is the most important aspect to ministry success? Or do I feel that qualitative growth of a small number of reproducing leaders is key to long term multiplication?
  • Priority of Mentoring: Do I have the skill, interest and time to mentor emerging leaders? Or am I too busy? Do I make the mentoring of emerging leaders a priority, believing it is key to long-term effectiveness?
  • Ministry Fulfillment: Do I enjoy using my gifts so much that I just can’t give the ministry away to emerging leaders? Or do I sacrifice some of my own personal fulfillment for the joy of seeing young leaders blossom?
  • Leadership Development: Do I mainly utilize people professionally trained to lead our ministry? Or am I willing to train others with a focus on the whole person (heart, skill, and knowledge)?
  • Character Transformation: Do I mentor people, believing it is the key to molding godly character and central to leading effectively? Or do I believe biblical knowledge and ministry skills are only taught through leadership training programs?
  • Intentionality: Am I very intentional about pouring my life into potential leaders, believing it is a key to ministry growth? Or am I so busy with my ministry that there is no time to train and develop other leaders?
  • Prayer for Multiplication: Do I believe that great movements of God have always been an answer to prayer? Do I incorporate prayer mobilization as a core part of my strategy? Or do I believe in prayer but lack the time, energy and skill to make it central in what I do?

Take a moment to seriously ponder the above.

Now ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is God saying to me about changes I need to make regarding my lifestyle, ministry or leadership approach?
  2. What will the results of my ministry be at the end of my life if I do not make any changes?
  3. How satisfying are these results from a kingdom perspective?

Praying for you this week.




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