The harvest is plentiful…but the workers are few.
Everywhere the cry is the same: the church needs leaders…leaders with passion, training and character.

MentorLink International (MLI), a non-profit organization committed to developing leaders to lead like Jesus. MentorLink actively develops leaders of character and Spirit  — leaders who communicate from their heart and life and minister through transparency and honesty and embody Christ-like values as they lead and serve.

Founded in 2000, MentorLink partners with almost two hundred missions, agencies, denominations and other ministry organizations and existing networks within countries to develop Christ-like leaders. Our role is to equip local brothers and sisters and release them into full Kingdom service among their people. MentorLink International has returned to Jesus’ way of developing leaders.

Christ’s strategy was to multiply Himself in key leaders. In turn, they multiplied Christ-like leadership principles and practices within established networks wherever they went. The result: a leveraged movement which encompassed the Roman Empire in a very short time.

Following Jesus Christ’s pattern, we see vibrant communities developing with Christ-like leaders along with a renewed sense of mission to take the model to neighboring regions or nations. This leveraged ministry strategy is yielding exponential results in a very short time.

For more information about MentorLink, visit

Helping others lead like Jesus. Developing leaders around the world.

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