Experiencing the Love of God

I was recently asked the question, “How do you experience the love of God?” This is a good question to ponder. I am not sure I had ever really thought about this question. Sure I know he loves me, Christ died on the cross because He loves me and so on. These are intellectual truths that I know, but how do I experience His love for me?

For me there are many ways as I reflected on the question. Here are a few bullet points for me:

  • He hears and answers my prayers
  • He comforts me in my trials
  • He forgives my sins as I confess them
  • He directs my paths and instructs me from His Word
  • I can rest when I reflect on Him and His love for me

What I have shared here are only a few that I have written in my journal. They may or may not be true for you.

May I suggest that you take a minute to ponder this question? How do you experience the love of God?



Samuel Mentors David


I hadn’t really seen it before but I noticed it this week while reading in 1 Samuel 19:18-24. Saul was chasing David attempting to kill him. David, naturally fled and went to a safe place, the place of the great prophet Samuel. It was Samuel who some years before anointed David to be king to replace Saul whom God had rejected.

It’s not clear how long David was with Saul as they spent time together in Naioth but it had to have been several months. Consider, that Saul did not know where David went, then once he found out, he sent people to bring him in. These messengers prophesied and returned without David. This happened to three sets of messengers sent to get David. These messengers took days to get there each way. So we are talking about at least 5-7 days per round trip.

Then Saul went himself and the same thing happened to him. This was at minimum several months of time David had with Samuel.

What did they talk about? How did Samuel influence David? What questions did David ask Samuel? These questions are in my mind. The answers are not clear but one can see that their hearts were knit together and they were both following the Spirit of the Lord.

What would you like to absorb from being with them? These are the questions and things to bring to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to provide a mentor for you.


I AM Series Review

Slide2 Image_Jesus.png

Jesus said, “I Am” numerous times. When God spoke to Moses in the burning bush, and Moses asked who should I say sent me, God said, “I AM who I AM”.  Jesus is “I AM” who dwelt among us.

His statements are startling and life-changing.

Take a minute to watch Episode 12 from the I AM Series which reviews all 7 of Jesus’ great “I AM” statements and ponder the questions at the end.


I AM the Way, Truth and Life

How does one go to the Father? In what or whom do I place my hope? Jesus speaks to these and other significant questions in this short video.

Take a minute to watch Episode 10 from the I AM series and ponder the questions at the end.