Spread the Blessing, Not the Virus


From our partner Timothy Olonade:  On God’s Mission in the Covid-19 Era

Many know about Covid-19 global scourge. Yet not everyone knows of the Saving Strength of our Lord and King!

All through Jan to March 2020 when Covid-19 gained global notoriety, it slowed down but could not stop God’s Worldwide mission. In spite of its battering of individual lives and nations, locally and globally, God’s saving grace remains undiminished worldwide.

In our small corner, over 1,500 leaders were mobilized, trained and equipped with mentoring and discipleship skills to participate in engaging and expanding God’s frontier mission in all spheres of life.

The true measure of our faith is not really that we survived the Covid-19 in Q1 2020, but that we’ll gain wisdom and strength to live each day in the coming months. Taking it as a precious gift from our timeless God. Though things may get worse before they get better! With God, getting better they will!

Starting from 1st April we must rise in faith to spread the blessing, not the virus; spread hope and faith, not despair and panic; and spread His grace and mercy, to a world trapped in gloomy mess.

Now that the glamour of the world dims, let’s promote His global glory and His salvation for all peoples. We can send you a personal copy of ​our “7 Simple Ways to Spread the Blessing in Covid-19 Era” if you ask.

Some of our partners, church/ministry members and friends are already doing this. Not giving in into despair – they’re giving their treasure to God’s mission in this trying time.

Do you know that God is never in a panic mode over any temporary chaos in any generation, no matter the magnitude? We believe this pandemic will result in God’s global fame, revival and the awakening we’ve been praying for. How? The Eternal God is your refuge and underneath you are His everlasting arms!

Together we’re coming out strong, safe and secure in the hollow of His hand!

God’s Servant & Yours,

Timothy Olonade
Jos, Nigeria

An Update From the Philippines


Last Sunday, most churches did not meet to gather for worship in Metro Manila. The government ordered the restriction of mass gathering events starting March 15 to April 15. I led a contemplative worship online and planned to do it for a month. Then suddenly this afternoon, the whole of Metro Manila is placed on lockdown. We are forced to stay home.

I prayed to slow down and welcomed cancellation of my several travels to spend more time in prayer, writing and planning on what’s next for Mercy and me in this decade. But staying in our home for a month is not what I asked the Lord.

I don’t know what opportunity this virus-crisis will bring. Working from the sideline is not easy. I can only say now that perhaps God wants to make many global servants of the Lord realize that great things will happen in His Kingdom when they are on the sideline.

We all need godly wisdom to serve in this period of not being able to do what we prayed for and planned. Maybe God wants to bring success in our ministries by making us feel “useless.”

In prayer…
Herman Moldez
Manila, Philippines