An Update from India

I received this email from one of our closest partners in India. May this email prompt us to pray. ​

Dear Stacy,

Happy and Preeti are our closest family friends. We are in mentoring relationships. Happy does business as mission. Preeti is one of our women leaders and teaches in a local school. Last week their whole family became Corona positive. In our city Happy and Preeti got the beds in hospital . Parents had to be sent in other town hospital. Children were home quarantined alone. This is the common story of many covid patients.


This morning Happy was on the phone, he told, “God let my mother live as long as He wanted and than called her Home .” “The Lord spoke to me from David’s life, “My mother was down with Corona in the hospital, I thought , who knows? The Lord may be gracious to us and let her live, but now that she is dead why should I grieve ? Can I bring her back again ? I will go to her but she will not return to me.” “God gave her to us and took her back.”

Happy with tears, “We know the Lord and have hope of eternity . What about the others who do not know the Lord?”

We praise God for such testimonies. We also praise God that the churches and Christian institutions are opening their premises for use as Isolation centres because ALL our hospitals are full, we have few hundred hospitals in our mega city Ahmedabad. The population of my city is a round 8 million. Churches also provide free food service to people who are home quarantined.


People die due to lack of oxygen and injections. They wait for long hours for ambulances to take them to hospitals.

In our city alone among the Christian community, in one week time we have lost more than 125 people. Some families have lost 4-5 members in few days time. Every morning our WhatsApp messages are filled with such messages. Sadly many of these people who died , we knew them personally. It is heart breaking because we can not go and hug them or give them a shoulder to cry on. We can not visit them in hospitals and can not attend the funerals. The intensity is worrying us. The Lord has to intervene now.

Pray that the Lord would visit India and His people in a new and fresh way.

With much grief, Koki & Johnny Desai

Ahmedabad, India

God with US

What a wonder it is for God who is from eternity entered history, and embraced the limits of being human to be with and for us. The divine is revealed in weakness of being human to live with and love us.

God has come down to serve the little people in the little places. He has shown that true success is in service. To be great is not going up competitively to the top to be looked up to. True greatness is the way of going down below to live with the weak and love them sacrificially.

God’s coming in His Son Jesus Christ is not just an event to remember but an experience to renew our lives. God keeps coming. He keeps visiting to deliver His people from trouble and tragedy they struggle with in this broken world. God always finds His way to walk with us.

With God with us, we are not alone. We are encouraged and empowered to keep on the difficult journey ahead. Suffering will always be around but the One who is ever present will save us.

Despite the Covid vaccine that is already on the way, Covid-19 will still stay for a while or even longer. Our confidence is in God who comes alongside us. The assurance of God’s presence is what empowers us to sing in the midst of sorrow, feel confident to face the uncertainty, and sleep in peace in the midst of a troubled world. With this perspective of Advent we can truly say: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Herman Moldez

Manila, Philippines