Days with Jesus

Eastern Africa Gathering

In November, I traveled to Kenya to attend two MentorLink events with dozens of international leaders from the MentorLink Movement. This week I’ll be sharing about the Eastern Africa Gathering.

Leaders from 12 African nations in Eastern Africa gathered Nov. 12-15 to deepen their understanding of developing Christlike leaders and become familiar with the tools available to them from MentorLink. Most had a working knowledge of our Passing It On training but were unaware of some other tools at their disposal. Days with Jesus was wildly received, and a number wanted Days in their own language.

One brother ministers among 300k refugees from South Sudan, located in a camp in Uganda. He recently started 200 Discover Bible Study groups in this camp but is hampered because most don’t know how to read. When he saw Days with Jesus, he immediately pounced on me to get DWJ translated so he could share it in the refugee camp.

There were 35 of us in this Eastern Africa Gathering. The program and conference were organized by Africans. I can assure you that the MentorLink movement in Africa is led by some highly gifted and spiritually mature leaders who have a passion to develop leaders who lead like Jesus throughout the African continent. To God be all the glory!

Would you pray with me for each of the 35 people who attended? Thank the Lord for each person and his/her heart to lead like Jesus. Each one of these men and women is wholeheartedly answering the call to make disciples (Matt. 28:16-20). And pray for the continued advancement of His Kingdom throughout Africa.

What a joy it was to be with my African brothers and sisters!




Faith Is as Faith Responds

lrg_cine_40DWJ02 VideoStill_40DWJDay02

Read Luke 1:26-38

Watch MentorLink’s “40 Days with Jesus – Day 2“*

Key Verse: “Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” (Lk. 1:38)

Only a young teenager, Mary had a startling and life-changing encounter. The angel, Gabriel, came to her to announce amazing news and promises.

  • She was favored
  • The Lord was with her
  • She would conceive and bear a son named Jesus
  • He would be great
  • He would be called the Son of the Most High
  • God will give him the throne of his father David
  • He will reign over the house of Jacob forever
  • His kingdom will have no end
  • This would happen even though she was a virgin
  • To validate the message, her relative, Elizabeth, in her old age was pregnant – a miracle to all who heard of it

She was to be the mother of the King of Israel who would sit on the throne of David forever and ever. Mary knew her Bible and knew that Jesus was the coming Messiah all faithful Jews were waiting for. She was to be the Messiah’s mother! Wow! What a privilege and responsibility.

How would I respond if this were me? Pride; arrogance; wanting all the details and the plan laid out – these are only some of the feelings or thoughts that would run through my mind. How would you have responded? If you were Mary, what would you be thinking or feeling?

I am humbled at the response of Mary. She said: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Faith is as faith responds. Mary trusted the Lord’s promises. She responded in her heart with obedience.

Lord, may I respond like Mary to your amazing promises.

*To watch “40 Days with Jesus – Day 2” go to and under “Resources” click on link “Days with Jesus” then click on link “40 Days with Jesus” then click on link “Day 2 -Miraculous Birth”.


Jesus’ Seven I AM Statements

MentorLink International has recently partnered with Jesus.Net to produce a new video discipling series called “The I AM Series”.

Like Days with Jesus, this series uses a short video clip from a film based on the Gospel of John. In this series, we draw out Jesus’ seven I Am statements. In the weeks to come, we will post 1-2 video links as our weekly devotional thought.

Let us know what you think and how it impacts you. As in all we do in MentorLink, our heart is to draw people to Jesus to live, lead and influence people to be more like Him.

Take a few minutes to view the introduction to the “I AM Series” using this link and ponder the questions at the end of the video.




We can look at “grace” from a theological point of view and study the word and miss the impact of what it means in real life. We produced a 7-day series a number of years ago titled, “7 Days with Jesus: Grace”.

I used this series to teach on Grace and to show how to disciple others when I recently ministered to 28 converts from Islam. In these episodes we could feel grace, see grace in action and experience the power of grace in the lives of others.

Take a minute to watch Day 2 of this series and reflect on the questions. (Here is the link.)