False Leaders

This is a hard topic to discuss.

The chapter I read in the last few days is 2 Peter 2 which discusses false leaders. I admit that it is painful to read. Peter says that false leaders are among us secretly introducing destructive heresies (v 1). This is the doctrinal deception.

Then Peter says that many will follow their sensuality and greed (v 2-3). This is their character deception.

The result is that they lead people astray from the ways of Jesus. They seek followers for themselves. It is interesting that when I talk with most any of our African partners, they refer to the deception running rampant in Africa called by the names “health and wealth gospel” and “prosperity gospel”. These are obvious but there are so many others that are even more subtle and working among us in whatever culture we live.


In my book, Lead In Light Of Eternity, I devote a chapter (7) to this topic so if you would like to delve deeper into this topic you can.

The Lord is coming soon and the closer we come to His return, the more deceptive the enemy’s tactics will be.

I admit this is a hard topic to talk about but it is vital to be aware of as we attempt to walk in the ways of Jesus. He and His apostles did not shy away from the topic but instead intentionally took time to address it.

Peter felt the topic was so important that he devoted one third of his last letter to the topic. If he felt it so important, shouldn’t we? I encourage you to read 2 Peter 2 carefully and respectfully.