From India

From India

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with Johnny and Koki who separately had widespread ministry throughout India in years past. I asked what was happening among believers in India as a result of Covid. Of course, India is extremely complex and it is near impossible to get a full picture.

From their networks and observations, they shared the following:

  • Hunger for the Word has greatly increased – people are gathering in small virtual Bible study groups to read and discuss the Scriptures
  • A Prayer Movement has developed – they are gathering in small prayer groups and are increasing in personal prayer
  • More people are coming to the Lord because they see they need God
  • The Church is outside church buildings
  • Overall there is a widespread awareness that the Second Coming of Jesus is near. As a result people are repenting and spending more time seeking the Lord in prayer and the Word

Sometimes it is wise to hear how other cultures are responding to global issues such as the pandemic.

Questions each of could ask are:

  • How am I responding to the pandemic?
  • Am I seeking the Lord in the Scriptures and prayer?
  • Am I involved in a small group to discuss the Scripture and prayer?

May the Lord draw you to Himself.

Maranatha (Come Lord!)