Jesus’ Way

The Bottom Line


Transformational Values Shifts – Summary

These past several weeks, we have been studying what we in MentorLink call the Transformational Values Shifts – the leaving behind of leadership values and practices of the flesh and the movement toward pursuing leadership values and practices of the Spirit.

Just because a person is a Christian and a leader does not mean he or she operates according to Jesus’ ways. We have to be continually transformed into the ways of leading in Jesus’ kingdom. To learn the ways of Jesus is a process that takes time and constant focus.

Here’s the bottom line: we ministry leaders tend to operate in the flesh because it feels so natural. We esteem other ministry leaders who operate in the same way. However, we must learn to turn away from fleshly ways of leading and move to the ways of the Spirit.

Deep fleshly issues confront leaders. There are motives, values, character and heart issues that if not addressed can lead to failure. No matter what we say or what our doctrine, gifts or charisma is, our flesh can undermine the very ministry and people we attempt to serve in Jesus’ name.

Look back over the five value shifts. Which one is easiest for you? Hardest?

Join me in this prayer, “Lord, I want to abide in you and lead and walk as You did.” (1 John 2:6)