7 Checks on my Ministry and Message

I recently had an eye-opening time with the Lord in 1 Thessalonians and observed seven “checks” that can be applied to my own (and others’) message, ministry and leadership.

Take a few minutes to watch this fourth Mentor Moments segment called “Seven Checks on my Ministry and Message.”

The seven checks are listed below, and further discussed in the video. (click below)

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 11.15.08 am

  1. Does the message come from error?
  2. Does the message come from impurity?
  3. Does the message come by way of deceit?
  4. Does the presenter come just to please men?
  5. Does the presenter use flattering speech to manipulate people?
  6. Is some aspect of the ministry motivated by greed?
  7. Is glory (and recognition) being sought from others?

What is the Lord saying to you from these seven checks?





2019 Mentor Moments

We are living in a time when it’s particularly hard to get a perspective on leading God’s people in a way Jesus would recognize. Thus, the importance of mentorship simply cannot be ignored. Jesus Himself did this throughout His ministry with His disciples.

As we enter a new year, I’d like to take a few moments to share a resource I’ve been working on called Mentor Moments. These 3-5-minute video segments will cover a variety of important topics such as servant leadership, biblical mentoring and leaving spiritual legacies.

I invite you to sit and join me this week as I talk about Jesus’ 3 Strategic Priorities for Impact. (click image for video)

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Have any feedback? I’d love to hear from you!



Brokenness in Leadership Development – Part II


We had such an overwhelming response to “Brokenness in Leadership Development,” both at the MentorLink International Gathering and as a result of last week’s devotional that I thought I would share more from Herman’s message this week. Be blessed.

The need of the broken world today is broken leaders who have been healed by Christ by being broken at the Cross. God’s healing grace also comes through the mentoring of broken leaders. God’s love flows in the company of and the communion with the broken.

In an environment of grace, God develops leaders to confront and claim their brokenness and to heal the inner wounds corrupting the heart. In preparing leaders, God let them experience and encounter their deep-seated brokenness so that from the pit of pain they can experience His healing love. Moses found healing as a fugitive in the wilderness, Jacob was healed by breaking his hip in his struggle with God in Jabok, David in the death of his son from Bathsheba, Peter in denying Christ three times. Similarly, God wants to encounter the leaders who embrace their brokenness and find healing in the crucible of pain. The sweetest love of God is experienced in the deepest pit of brokenness.

Broken leaders can mature in the healing environment of broken people. They need a community of love where they are not “despised” but developed to lead with grace. We need to develop a school of leadership where we love to heal the broken.

We will be with you when the war breaks out.

My fellow mentor has focused on small group mentoring. One of the members of his mentoring group confessed his unfaithfulness with his wife. The group encouraged him to confess it also with his wife. He hesitated. He said, that will be declaring a 3rd world war. The group said, we will be with you when the war breaks out. They prayed with him and encouraged him with the assurance of God’s grace.

Then the day of confession came. Indeed, it was war! He called his mentoring group to help. They said to bring his wife to an agreed upon place and the mentoring group would be there to support them. The forgiveness and reconciliation were difficult. But through the help of fellow mentors and their wives, the marriage was restored.

As mentors we come alongside to offer practical help to support healing. Support for healing is beyond words of life. It includes works of love to strengthen the weak and wounded to rise from where they have fallen.



The Power of Equipping


The twelve were with Jesus. They saw how He did ministry and how He treated people. His tenderness, gentleness, and compassion for the poor and oppressed were evident. They saw His heart for the lost sheep and the masses without shepherds. He rebuked hypocrites and false leaders. They were with Him when He healed, raised the dead, and cast out demons. They learned sacrifice, suffering, obedience, and servanthood. They went through faith tests of being in a storm on the sea about to down and then saw Jesus still the storm.

Jesus didn’t focus on how-tos (programs, methods, or skills) but rather on heart, character, values, motives, faith, and leading in light of eternity among other things. We would do well to emphasize the same in our equipping. Then He commissioned them. There was an end to His training.

In your personal mentoring, what do you focus on?