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Brokenness in Leadership Development – Questions to Ponder


Last week I shared a little about attending an Eastern Africa Gathering with my African brothers and sisters in Nairobi. This week, I’d like to share about one of the workshops presented at the MentorLink International Gathering which was a time of prayer, collaboration and fellowship with dozens of leaders from the MentorLink Movement.

In his workshop on Brokenness in Leadership Development, my dear friend Herman stated: In mentoring, we say: “the heart of mentoring is mentoring the heart.” The heart is the spring of life (Prov 4:23). Through mentoring we protect the leaders’ hearts from the forces of death attacking from all directions, so they can live and lead well. The kind of life and leadership outcome of every leader will be determined by the continuing formation of the heart. We can no longer ignore the development of a healthy and holy heart (the inner life) in developing leaders.

Herman then raised several significant questions for each leader to ponder. Take a moment now to really reflect on these questions below and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.

  1. Consider your leadership experience. Why will an unresolved issue of hurt hinder spiritual growth? From your observation, what has been the impact of unhealed pains in the way leaders live and lead?
  2. Many leadership programs and models are geared toward imparting content and improving competence. What makes mentoring important toward the healing of broken leaders and how does it help them grow in character?
  3. In what ways have leaders confused seeking to be liked from being the beloved of God? What are common ways leaders tend to seek personal value or self-worth for themselves?
  4. Leaders will find it difficult to live and lead like Jesus unless they truly experience being the beloved of God.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give examples from your perspective and experience.




Eastern Africa Gathering

In November, I traveled to Kenya to attend two MentorLink events with dozens of international leaders from the MentorLink Movement. This week I’ll be sharing about the Eastern Africa Gathering.

Leaders from 12 African nations in Eastern Africa gathered Nov. 12-15 to deepen their understanding of developing Christlike leaders and become familiar with the tools available to them from MentorLink. Most had a working knowledge of our Passing It On training but were unaware of some other tools at their disposal. Days with Jesus was wildly received, and a number wanted Days in their own language.

One brother ministers among 300k refugees from South Sudan, located in a camp in Uganda. He recently started 200 Discover Bible Study groups in this camp but is hampered because most don’t know how to read. When he saw Days with Jesus, he immediately pounced on me to get DWJ translated so he could share it in the refugee camp.

There were 35 of us in this Eastern Africa Gathering. The program and conference were organized by Africans. I can assure you that the MentorLink movement in Africa is led by some highly gifted and spiritually mature leaders who have a passion to develop leaders who lead like Jesus throughout the African continent. To God be all the glory!

Would you pray with me for each of the 35 people who attended? Thank the Lord for each person and his/her heart to lead like Jesus. Each one of these men and women is wholeheartedly answering the call to make disciples (Matt. 28:16-20). And pray for the continued advancement of His Kingdom throughout Africa.

What a joy it was to be with my African brothers and sisters!