Spiritual Growth: The Ways of Jesus


I became a follower of Jesus in December of 1970. Something had changed when I returned to my bachelor officer’s quarters that evening. I went expecting a party and came home a changed man. In the weeks and months following, many came to help me grow and understand what happened. They showed me how to live for Jesus, learn from Him, and help others do the same. This is called follow-up. My growth in Christ would have floundered without it.

We look at orphanages, abused children, or child trafficking and know it is a personal tragedy for each child affected. No one is there to care for, nourish, and love each child. Their growth is limited. In a similar way, think of the spiritual children coming to Jesus with no one to help them learn to walk with Him, pray, read their Bibles, or so many other basic things received when we are adopted into the Father’s family by His amazing grace and mercy. Just because a person is a new Christian does not mean he or she knows how to walk with Jesus.

The flesh (our sinful nature) is our natural default way of operating. As we mature in Christ, we can move away from spiritual immaturity and move toward godliness of life, character and relationships. To learn the ways of Jesus is a process that takes time and constant focus.

I’m working on a series of short videos I’m calling “Mentoring Moments with Stacy,” which I am excited to begin sharing with you in the new year. My prayer is that through these videos, I will be able to journey with you as we study and learn what Jesus has to say about leading in His kingdom – addressing issues of the heart, values, character and motives.